Ethel Reese Cemetary

Ethel Reese Cemetary is located in Barnsdall while no activity has ever been recorded here we did get some pictures of orbs and strange headstones.

Hillside Cemetary

Hillside is located outside Skiatook city limits on highway 11. We have only had one opportunity to go there and did not uncover much. Story is there is a grave of a witch who haunts this cemetary also that of several native american graves. Some say you can still hear thier drums. While in this location one of our team members had an experiance when her hair stood on end.

Labadie Mansion

 The story of Frank and Samantha Labadie is as ironic as it is haunting. The tale takes place in Copan, Oklahoma. We are not for sure when they were wed but considering the seven year age difference between the two, we are guessing in the early 1880s. But since there are no more Labadie relatives, we are not 100% sure. The story goes like this... Ever since the Labadies had been married they could not have a child. Both were heart broken but more so Frank. Living with them was Enos Parsons, a loyal black slave who did not want freedom even after the civil war. The story goes in the winter of 1892, when Parsons was 46, he and Samantha Labadie had an affair which ended in Samantha being pregnant. By about April of 1893, Samantha began to show that she was with child. Frank rejoiced not knowing that the baby was not his. When the baby was born it was obviously black. In the end, Parsons admitted to the affair which caused Frank into a fury. Frank shot his 44 Henry Rifle one time killing Parsons. Frank dumped the body in a creek nearby. Some say the body never floated but sank right to the bottom of the creek, there where it lies today. When he returned to the house that night he told Samantha that he would send the baby down the creek. Then in the spring of 1935, Frank began to go absolutely crazy, saying that he was being haunted by the ghost of Enos Parsons. On April 1, 1935 Frank took out his colt house pistol, shot Samantha four times killing her and then killed himself with one shot. When the bodies were found, the sixth bullet was missing from the gun. When the house was searched, the 44 Henry rifle which he used to kill Parsons was never found. Now if anyone goes out near the Labadie mansion, people say they are haunted by the Labadie family and Enos Parsons. The ghosts of both Frank and Samantha haunt the mansion. Frank has been known to be very aggressive towards anyone who enters his home. Enos Parsons haunts the woods and the creek to which he was thrown, still holding the gun that was used to kill him. Shots have also been heard in the woods which cause the birds to strangely hover in the air above where the shot was. And if you look into the creek, you may just catch a glimpse of the Labadie baby that still haunts it.

Hissom Memorial Center


Hissom Memorial Center is located in Sand Springs Oklahoma. It was used as a home for mentaly challanged people and shut down by the state for abuse of the patients. There are a few stories behind hissom. A little boy left unattended by the pool drowns and his spirit still remains.The complex has been shut down since the mid 80s. You must have permission from the city to be there so no trespassing. We have been here twice both time we all had strange things happen. On our first trip were able to get some great pictures of the place. On our second trip we encounterd a strange light coming from an old meat locker. Followed by four light out in a field outside the building moving at a high rate of speed in our direction. Our investigation is still incomplete so check back for more updates.

Gravity Hill/Haunted Hill

Gravity hill also known has haunted hill is known throughout Bartlesville. Story has it a couple of slaves who were hung in the area push your car up a hill and over the railroad tracks, and if you put flour on your trunk handprints will appear. I have investigated this so called haunted hill and found nothing more than a cool optical illusion. While it does appear to something or some one pushes your car for you its really downhill.